Hello there. My name is Simon Pedersen. I’m a Christian, husband to a lovely wife and father of three wonderful kids. And I am passionate about web and most digital surfaces.

I grew up in the southern part of Norway, in a little ship builder town called Fevik. When I was nine, we moved to what’s known as the Oil Capital: Stavanger. My father said (numerous of times):

You can do anything, there are no limits.

My Father

He let me play with his 286 “laptop” (which still works btw) from I was eight – and that opened my eyes to programming and databases.

I’ve learned that space crafts, oil rigs and computers – no matter how complicated – are made by regular people. Like you and me.

I’ve worked with web since Classic ASP was experimental and I currently work together with a bunch of smart people at Reknes, making the world a cleaner place through the best Waste Management Solution on the planet.

This is my professional blog, where I write about subjects ranging from web development to crazy ideas and everything in between. I hope you can learn from what I’ve learned. Feel free to contact me at:

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